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Kevin Bacon with Encore Staff Kevin Bacon with Sr Elizabeth
Kevin Bacon Serving at Encore Kevin Bacon in the Kitchen
Kevin Bacon Nieves and Juan Kevin Bacon on Stage with Staff
Kevin bacon with Encore Staff Keving Bacon Visiting Encore's Seniors
Kevin Bacon with Encore 49 Resident Kevin Bacon Visiting Encore 49 Resident 2
Kevin Bacon smiling with Encore 49 Resident Kevin Bacon at Encore Community Services
Thank Kevin Bacon for gracing us with your presence at Encore to prepare and deliver meals for our seniors. What an honor!!

Encore’s Annual Heart to Heart Awards Benefit 2011: Program participants: (L-R) George Stonbely,
Benefit Co-Chair; Bob Wankel, Shubert Organization; Joe Sirola, Encore Board; Honoree, Gene McElwain,
Treasurers & Ticket Sellers Union; Sr. Elizabeth, Encore; Philip Smith, Shubert Organization; Honoree
Ervin Drake, Composer & Songwriter, with wife Edith.


Encore Seniors in a lively performance of their “very own” creation in a Talent Show presented for
all to enjoy on the Senior Center stage.

Annual Heart to Heart Awards Benefit 2006: Sr. Elizabeth; Bill Flynn, Encore Board Chair; Mary
D’Elia, Clinton Housing Assoc.; Honoree C. Virginia Fields, Manhattan Borough Pres.; Honoree Joyce
Randolph, star of “The Honeymooners”; Tom Lewis, Gray Line NY Tours; Honoree Cristyne Nicholas, NYC
& Company; Joe Benincasa, The Actors Fund.

Homebound Senior Muriel Fleit enjoying a time of conversation with Kathleen Turner, actress,
volunteer and friendly visitor to Muriel.

Encore on the “big” screen in Times Square in 2010, thanking donors who contributed to the
purchase of a van to deliver meals to homebound elderly on Manhattan’s Westside.

On the dedication and ribbon cutting day at the Encore West Residence on 10th Ave. in December
2007, Sr. Elizabeth Hasselt and Sr. Lillian McNamara pause in front of the Encore West Residence sign
identifying this new housing for seniors, which was warmly welcomed into the Westside community.

Encore Seniors regularly volunteer to present “shows for all the seniors.” This presentation of
musical selections from the “40’s & 50”s” in their own creative style, was enjoyed by all!

On the ClearChannel Spectacolor sign in the heart of Times Square, 2010, staff, supporters, board
members & donors, all enjoyed the preview event recognizing donors to Encore’s Home-Delivered
Meals Program (L to R) Maralyn Dolan; Gina Curran, Peggy Gearity, Sr. Lillian McNamara, Bonnie Bean,
& Sr. Elizabeth Hasselt, all with Encore; Joseph Stonbely; Shelly Friedman & Pat White, of the Theatrical
Wardrobe Union, Local 764; and John Calhoun, Encore Board.

Encore was invited to “Ring the Closing Nasdaq Bell” in November 2010. What a privilege
to share the “encore story” with so many folks worldwide. The entire ceremony was displayed on the
ten story Nasdaq sign on the exterior corner of Broadway & 43rd Street in the heart of Times Square.

Florin Slovescu, of Barbetta’s on Restaurant Row, and George Stonbely, Benefit Chair, enjoy a
friendly greeting at Encore’s 2011 Heart to Heart Awards Benefit.

Bamboo &
Encore's Story

“In China, there is a type of bamboo that doesn’t appear to grow at all, for the first four years. It just develops a massive root structure while the shoot barely shows. In the fifth year, it grows eighty feet! Many things in life are like that Chinese bamboo. You may not see any initial evidence that what you are about is making a difference. But if you persist, eventually a tremendous harvest will result.”

Well, we are not in China, but here in Times Square, just off Broadway, Encore’s story is very much like that bamboo shoot…founded in 1977, Encore never imagined that almost 35 years later, Encore would be where it is today. Take a few moments to explore Encore’s website: see for yourselves. Persistence is called for as the need for some of Encore’s services is more urgent today, than in 1977. Come, learn, support and join the effort to keep the “encore bamboo” alive and growing!