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Home Delivered Meals

Since 1977, Encore has prepared and delivered meals to thousands of older adults in the Midtown/ Times Square Area of Manhattan. In 2009, after Encore was awarded a Home Delivered Meals contract by the NYC Dept. for the Aging, Encore became responsible for providing over 1200 meals each day to homebound seniors on the West Side of Manhattan from 14th Street to 110th Street, from 8th Ave to the River and select areas of midtown.

Encore also sub-contracts with Henry Street Settlement House on the Lower East Side to provide meals to homebound seniors residing in Community Board 5, the same Community Board in which Encore Senior Center is located.


  • Hot Regular Meals
  • Frozen Regular Meals
  • Hot Kosher Meals
  • Frozen Kosher Meals
  • Hot Latin Meals
  • Frozen Latin Meals

Hot meals are delivered daily.
Frozen meals are delivered twice a week.

Home Delivered Meals are well-balanced and nutritious and each meal meets 1/3 of the Recommended Dietary Allowance. Each meal also adheres to U.S. Dietary Guidelines and those of the NYC Department for the Aging.


If you or a senior you know needs a HOME DELIVERED MEAL, and lives on the West side of Manhattan from 14th St. to 110th St. from the River to 5th Ave., PLEASE CONTACT:

Encore’s Home Delivered Meal Staff at: 212-581-2910 Press 4


Homebound Regular Hot Meals
Homebound Frozen Meals
Homebound Kosher Meals Hot
Homebound Kosher Meals Frozen
Hot Latin Meals
Frozen Latin Meals
May Congregate Meals

Miracles Every Day

“Every human being has a great yet often unknown gift to care, to be compassionate, to become present to the other, to listen, to hear and to receive. If that gift would be set free and made available, miracles could take place.”

–Henri M. Nouwen

“I regained my dignity at Encore 49…before Encore, home was a cardboard box.”

“It’s important for home bound seniors to know someone is there for them…if I get ‘down’ I call my friendly visitor; she always cheers me up.”

“I love all the activities at the Center. I’ve made some good friends here. If I didn’t come here I’d never get any exercise, or such good food.”

“I can forget my aches and pains when I get to the Center. I feel like the staff cares about me.”

“When I miss a lunch one day someone always asks the next day ‘you OK?’ That makes me very happy.”

“I know what it’s like to be homeless. I was out there living on the streets. After 7 years, I was tired of being cold, wet, hungry…it finally got to me.…I think Encore saved my life.”

“Being old, alone and in poor health, I don’t get out so much. I appreciate my meal every day. I don’t know how I would survive without it.”

“Without my escort, I would never be able to go to the doctor.”

“When I moved to Encore West with my best friend ‘Fluffy’, I was overjoyed. I came from an SRO and some people were abusive to me and Fluffy. They had no heart. I will never leave Encore West!”

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

–Albert Einstein