Encore Housing

The shortage of affordable housing in New York City is a critical issue, particularly for low-income seniors. Encore has taken a proactive role to develop housing, both for homeless elderly with special needs, including mental health issues, and for low-income seniors. These housing facilities provide safe, decent and affordable housing for seniors, and contribute to the revitalization and stability of the Times Square and Clinton communities in midtown Manhattan.

Encore 49 Residence


220 West 49th Street
New York, NY 10019

Tel: 212-581-3490
(Social Services)
(Building & Front Desk)

Fax: 212-541-7697

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Encore 49 opened its doors in 1988 to welcome elderly men and women, who had become homeless or had been living in transitional housing or shelters. Today, 88 formerly homeless elderly, many of whom have histories of mental illness compounded by physical, emotional and financial difficulties, call the Encore 49 Residence home, where they are provided with safe and dignified housing. Encore 49 was converted into a permanent single room occupancy housing facility in 1988, and today remains a model of supportive housing. One of the important aspects of the Residence is the on-site social service team who provide supportive and clinical services to help residents lead independent and self-sustaining lives.

On-site Building Services:

  • Furnished room with bed, bureau, night stand, lamp, refrigerator, chair and air conditioner
  • 24 hour front desk coverage and 24/7 Fire Safety Directors, reception and security, video monitoring, visitors’ sign-in procedure
  • Front desk intercom system, telephone service for incoming calls, public phone in lobby, private phone service arranged by residents
  • Weekly linen service; coin operated laundry facilities
  • Shared kitchen and cooking areas on each floor
  • Cable TV in lobby
  • Full maintenance staff

On-site Social Services:

  • Case management and mental health counseling
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Psychiatric and therapeutic programs
  • Recreational, group and educational activities

Critical Need and Encore's Response

Margaret Meade said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world…Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” Inspired by these words, Encore undertook the challenge of creating housing for the elderly in need of permanent and affordable living situations. To create these two housing projects with very distinct styles of housing was a major challenge and each came with its own unique aspects and complexities. Encore 49 Residence came first and involved major renovation of a Single Room Occupancy (SRO) building at 220 W. 49th Street. Encore West Residence at 755 Tenth Ave. came next and involved new construction from the ground up, utilizing primarily HUD funding under Section 202.

To accomplish completion of both projects was a major milestone for Encore. Encore realized early on, though we had experience with the elderly and many skills, construction and renovation expertise were not at the top of the list. Thus, with the support and help of a skilled group of “thoughtful committed citizens” these housing projects came to fruition and are fully occupied today by the elderly. ….and the “world” of the elderly in need of decent, safe and affordable housing “changed the world” for 88 seniors at the Encore 49 Residence and 96 elderly at the Encore West Residence.